1.1 Description 

AUTONAUTIC INSTRUMENTAL S.L. offers its Customers / Users a remote magnetic compass clearing service through which customers can upload the necessary information of the magnetic compass to evaluate the possibility of issuing a new certificate in a fast, accurate, precise and supervised way by a qualified clearing agent. 

1.2 How to renew the certificate 

In order to start the procedure to renew the compensation certificate and deviation table, it is necessary to follow the following steps: 

1.- Enter the required company and invoicing details in the “My Account” menu. 

2.- Once you have entered the company and invoicing data required in “My Account”, register each of the ships in the fleet through the menu in “My fleet” by entering the data requested. 

3.-Select the vessel to renew the certificate and click on “RENEW CERTIFICATE” and enter the requested data and upload the required documents. 

Once the compass deviation information has been reviewed by the qualified compensator, the compensator will upload the new certificate in the ship’s menu. The customer will then receive an email in their “My Account” stating that they can now make the payment online. 

In the event that some data is not correct or the deviations are greater than allowed by current regulations, the technician will contact the customer to make the appropriate checks or instruct the skipper or officer on board to make the necessary adjustments to the compass. 

AUTONAUTIC INSTRUMENTAL is authorised to carry out the necessary checks and verifications to check the veracity and accuracy of the data. 

If it is not possible to reduce the deviations to the minimum allowed, the technician will go on board to make the necessary interventions on the compass. The latter service will be invoiced separately after approval by the customer. 

You then enter the desired payment method (bank transfer, credit card or B2B direct debit). 

Accept the terms and conditions of purchase and click “Go to checkout”. At this point the Buyer confirms that all payment details entered are correct and truthful and accepts that AUTONAUTIC INSTRUMENTAL will charge the price of the certificate. 

AUTONAUTIC INSTRUMENTAL will send an e-mail to the customer to the e-mail account indicated in the customer’s company profile. 

The Buyer can access his invoices in the menu “My Invoices”. 

1.3 Remote certificate issuance conditions
The customer declares that all navigation data information provided is true and accurate and entered into the platform by the master or the person authorised by the master or by the owner of the vessel. 

Certificates and turnout curves are issued in accordance with the following rules and regulations: 

• ISO 25862:2019 

• SOLAS V/19.2.1 

• SOLAS V Annex 13 

• IMO Resolution A.382(X) 

All invoices issued and certificates issued will be available in the customer’s profile. 

AUTONAUTIC is not responsible for the veracity of the certificate if it is proved that the data provided were not truthful.


2.1 General aspects 

The amount charged for the certificates shall not be credited. 

The impossibility of remote clearing will not generate an invoice. 2.2 Exchanges and refunds As a general rule, no refunds will be made for amounts charged via the payment platform. 

If any of the certificate data is incorrect due to AUTONAUTIC INSTRUMENTAL’s error, the certificate will be modified and updated in the customer’s vessel profile. 

Fiscal data: 


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