Wooden Boxed Pelorus TAX-00122

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On larger vessels the pelorus can be an aid to watch officers for predicting crossing situations and avoiding collisions. This wooden boxed pelorus is also useful for checking current position, for instance, in determining the moment at which an aid to navigation is broad on the beam or measuring pairs of relative bearings which can be used to determine distance off and distance abeam of a navigational aid.


Watch relative bearings change, forecast collision situations, arrange offshore with a 3-arm protractor, or check your compass against the sun or stars. These are some of the actions you can do with a wooden boxed pelorus. Large boats have meters that are permanently mounted, or can be mounted on the deck. Smaller in size, this portable alidade taximeter performs the same functions.

In traditional navigation the pelorus can be used to determine current position by plotting 3 bearings of known objects or checking current heading in relation to sun or stars. The pelorus is also an invaluable tool for compass adjusters – compass deviation can be determined by comparing compass reading to the sun’s azimuth or known bearings of distant objects such as navigation aids or lighthouses.

Storage box in plywood and finished in natural wood tones, its size is 21x21x18 cm.

Set constructed of aluminum and polyamide and with a 125mm diameter card marked with one degree increments.

The taximeter and its box have an elegant and attractive design and it is customary to also use it as a decorative nautical element.

Features of the wooden boxed pelorus

  • 125mm card size
  • 1º graduation
  • Gimballed
  • Sighting Vanes
  • 5 exclusive years warranty



  • ISO 9001 certified managment system


Pelorus Manual – 00122