Surface mount compass C3002

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The C3 compasses are the smallest compasses produced by Autonautic. They are a popular choice for small craft such as RIB’s, dinghies and traditional built sailing skiffs. The popularity of this compass is in part due to the surface mounting – no unsightly aperture needs cutting, the only drilling necessary is 3 small holes for the screw fixings. This surface mount compass has a highly visible 65mm card – the card is spherical so readable from a wide range of viewing angles. The card is well damped to cope with harsh and demanding conditions encountered on RIB installations.


Here is our smallest compass and ideally suited for use in a RIB or dinghy. This C3 compass is easily mounted on a flat surface so no hole is required. It is well damped to cope with the greater range of movement in a RIB or dinghy and features a spherical card that is easy to read when standing up or sitting down.

Features of the surface mount compass

Boat type: RIB or dinghy
Card size: 65 mm
Card style: Conical
Card scale: Every 5.0 degrees
Lighting: 12-24 V
Protection cover: N/A
Warranty: 5 years


  • ISO 25862:2019
  • ISO 9001 certified managment system



Drawing C3001-C3002