Gold Brass Marine Clock R120D-A.1

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This gold brass marine clock belongs to a mid-range size of instruments suitable for leisure craft and small commercial vessels. The range comprises of four instruments; clock, barometer, clinometer and comfortmeter (combination of thermometer and hygrometer).


This range of instruments are also suitable for inclusion in custom made panels or weather stations. Alternatively, we have a range of pre-assembled weather stations listed in our weather station section. These instruments would also make an attractive addition to any caravan or motorhome.

Easy Fix System

Our clocks, chronometers and weather instruments combine traditional design and the stylishnesss of the finest nautical clocks and weather instruments. To ensure easy operation and installation, an easy fix system is supplied in our 95 & 120 range of instruments which allows access to the movements, battery replacement or adjustment without removal from the bulkhead.

Features of the gold brass marine clock

Base: 120mm
Dial: 110mm
Top Height: 35mm
Colour: Gold brass


  • ISO 9001 certified managment system

Additional information

Weight 04 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 12 cm