CMQ Nautical Chronometer

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Classic nautical chronometer with Roman numerals and Arabic numerals inside mounted in a varnished wood and brass case. The watch is encased in a solid gilt brass case with a 5 mm thick glass bezel bevelled around its entire circumference and has a 12-hour dial with Roman numerals and sweep seconds hand.


Although technically is not specifically a true nautical chronometer in the strict sense – that is, a watch with a constant rate of error – the quartz movement is from the finest German manufacture, the U.T.S. Co. and deserves the highest rating a quartz movement can have. UTS is the number one manufacturer of quartz movements in Europe, and produces movements for the famous Junghans quartz watches.

The case itself is made of premium beech wood with a mahogany finish, and 18-carat gold flashes on all metal fittings. In this way, the guaranteed accuracy is less than 1 second per day error.

Features of the nautical chronometer

Box dimensions: 192 x 192 x 185 mm
Dial: 110 mm
Finish: Flash gold finishing
High precision quartz movement
Warranty: 5 years


  • Battery: IEC R6+ (AA)
  • Quartz Frequency: 32.786 KHz
  • Operation Voltage: 1.2V – 1.7V
  • Time Keeping Accuracy: Din 8325
  • Operating Temperature Range: -5ºC +50ºC
  • Battery life: 2 years


  • ISO 9001 certified managment system

Additional information

Weight 3,2 kg
Dimensions 27 × 27 × 27 cm