CMQ Marine Chronometer

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The CMQ Marine Chronometer combines tradition with innovation in an elegant interpretation of a maritime classic. With conservative lines and premium materials such as beech wood, varnished mahogany and brass, this chronometer offers not only outstanding style, but also unerring accuracy thanks to its professional marine quartz mechanism. With Roman and Arabic numerals on its dial, and a robust construction that protects it in the most challenging ocean conditions, the CMQ is the perfect companion for any sailor who values precision and elegance on the high seas.


Introducing the CMQ Marine Chronometer, an elegant new interpretation of a classic tool, fusing conservative lines with a contemporary twist to deliver an exceptional timekeeping experience at sea.

The CMQ marine chronometer is a masterpiece of maritime design. With classic conservative lines, its aesthetics blend harmoniously with a new form of presentation. The beech wood case with a varnished mahogany finish not only provides durability, but also adds a touch of warmth and distinction to any nautical environment.

The metal fittings, resplendent in their flash gold finish, reflect the quality and attention to detail that define this stopwatch. At the heart of the CMQ marine chronometer beats a professional gimball marine quartz movement, designed to maintain accuracy even in the most challenging offshore conditions.

The inner Roman and Arabic numerals on the dial ensure clear and unambiguous readability, making it easy to measure time accurately at a glance. The solid gold-plated brass case, with a 5 mm thick bevelled glass bezel, protects the internal mechanism while allowing easy viewing of the dial.

Benefits of the CMQ marine chronometer

  • Unerring Accuracy: With its professional marine quartz mechanism, this stopwatch ensures unparalleled accuracy in timekeeping, allowing for safer and more efficient navigation.
  • Outstanding Durability: Constructed from premium materials such as beech wood, varnished mahogany, brass and bevelled glass, the CMQ is designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the marine environment, maintaining its elegance and functionality for years to come.
  • Superb Style: More than a tool, the CMQ marine chronometer is a style statement. Its classic design with a modern twist makes it a must-have for any boating enthusiast who values elegance as much as functionality.


Whether you’re a professional sailor needing to accurately time a race or an amateur looking for a quality accessory for your boat, the CMQ marine stopwatch is designed to meet your needs with excellence.

With its unique combination of sleek design, impeccable accuracy and exceptional durability, this stopwatch becomes an indispensable tool for any sailor looking for the best in performance and style.


Box dimensions: 192 x 192 x 185 mm
Dial: 110 mm
Finish: Flash gold finishing
High precision quartz movement
Warranty: 5 years

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