Bulkhead compass C10-0037

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The C10 range of compasses is a versatile class B bulkhead compass suitable for both commercial and leisure vessels. The compass is available in two sizes; 85mm and 100mm diameter cards. The conical card design allows a wide range of viewing angles and the inbuilt clinometer makes this compass a popular choice for sailing vessels. The compass features a fairly wide flange so it can be a good choice when replacing an existing compass – the flange sizes allows installation where a large aperture has already been cut or can be used to cover fade marks on the bulkhead. The compass is available in black with dual voltage illumination as standard.


Designed and manufactured to the highest precision, this bulkhead compass stands as the indispensable companion for sailing and powerboats. Compasses are indispensable for determining the correct course when sailing.

These marine compasses can be mounted on the deck or dashboard of your vessel, or recessed for a refined look to match your interior. Compasses provide reliable navigational information via a liquid-filled compass rose and are essential for safe and accurate navigation, both at sea and on inland waterways.

When choosing a compass for your boat, it is important to consider the type of boat, the sailing behavior and the desired size of the compass. Our range of mountable compasses, such as this bulkhead compass, offers a variety of mounting options and models designed for each type of installation, allowing you to find a suitable and reliable navigation solution for your boating needs.

The perfect stability of the card and the exceptional magnification of this bulkhead compass provide the user with an unrivalled quality of reading, both day and night. This compass is the choice of sailors who really use and trust their compass.

This bulkhead compass is particularly suitable for boats with encapsulated cockpits. The bracket allows the compass to be mounted in any position and is also instantly removable.

Our compasses are suitable for all navigation areas. All our marine compasses comply with the Marine Equipment Directive 2014/90/EC with Implementing Regulation (EU) 2023/1667 of 8 August 2023 and conform to the Regulations, Codes or Standards indicated in the EC Type Approval Certificate, to provide you with a compass that guarantees maximum safety in navigation.

Elements of the bulkhead compass


A perfect fitting together of the compass box and the joints is essential to assure perfect stability of the compass. Compass boxes are injected with polymers of the highest quality and the joints are manufactured with elastomers created exclusively for Autonautic to ensure perfect stability and zero reactions with the liquids inside the compass.


During the injection process of the compasses box we incorporate the expansion membranes so as to ensure a perfect union between the body of the compass and the membrane.


In all our compasses we use genuine corundum sapphires and gimbals of extra hardness to ensure the proper and lasting functioning of the entire magnetic system.


All Autonautic compasses are 100% repairable and are backed by our “5-years warranty” which is included in compasses.


The compass dome is manufactured with polymers of extra hardness and high transparency to achieve a high degree of resistance to blows and clear sight of the compass card. The materials of the dome offer excellent protection against the harshness of the marine environment and extreme changes of temperature.


We offer compass cards with apparent diameters from 60mm. to 140 mm. For a number of models we offer flat compass cards in a variety of colors as well as conical cards to help in reading a course.


All Autonautic compass dials do not need to be balanced to compensate for dip caused by the earth’s magnetic field. Our compasses are suitable for all navigation zones.


Boat type: Sail boat
Card size: 85 mm
Card style: Conical
Card scale: Every 5.0 degrees
Lighting: 12 V
Protective cover: Included
Protection cover: Included
Warranty: 5 years


  • Directive 2014/90/EC on marine equipment
  • ISO 25862:2019
  • ISO 9001 certified managment system

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