Binnacle mount compass CHH-0090

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The binnacle mount compass CHH-0090 is based on a traditional design of lifeboat compass. The unit comprises an externally gimballed compass enclosed in a weather proof ABS binnacle. Lighting is provided by a clip-on waterproof illumination unit – this may be stowed separately when not in use. Although most lifeboats are fully enclosed now, there is still a demand for this classic style of compass and it would meet the requirements for IMPA code 330211 “LIFEBOAT COMPASS 100MM, WITH COVER”.


Our compasses are suitable for all navigation areas. All our marine compasses comply with the Marine Equipment Directive 2014/90/EC with Implementing Regulation (EU) 2023/1667 of 8 August 2023 and conform to the Regulations, Codes or Standards indicated in the EC Type Approval Certificate, to provide you with a binnacle mount compass that guarantees maximum safety in navigation.

Features of the binnacle mount compass

Boat type: Life boats & Rescue boats
Card size: 100 mm
Card style: Flat
Card scale: Every 2.5 degrees
Lighting: LED 1.5V
Protective cover: No. Anti-reflective screen
Warranty: 5 years
1 lubber line
360º gimbal


  • Directive 2014/90/EC on marine equipment
  • ISO 25862:2019
  • ISO 9001 certified managment system

Additional information

Weight 1,8 kg
Dimensions 27 × 27 × 27 cm



Download Module D class B


Drawing CHG – 0090.pdf