Practical Magnetic Compass Adjustment Training

Description of the course

Target group

This course is a training program for ship's Masters and navigational officers, navigation equipment service engineers and/or technicians who are involved or wish to be involved into adjustment of ships’ magnetic compasses.

Objectives of the course

Those who successfully complete this course should be able to demonstrate sufficient knowledge, skill and understanding of Compass adjustment and practical use this in real navigational situation.

Course contents

  • 1-day tour at Autonautic company to learn magnetic compass manufacturing and magnetic compass principles.
  • Earth and ship magnetism.
  • Different ship’s headings.
  • Theory of magnetic compass adjustment.
  • Procedure for magnetic compass adjustment.
  • Practical procedure for magnetic compass adjustment.
  • Correctors effects.
  • Methods of placing ship on magnetic headings.
  • Different types of compasses to be adjusted, I, e, compasses in small vessels, large yachts, and merchant vessels.
  • Compass deviation calculations
  • Preparation of magnetic compass deviation card.

Certificate of achievement

Duration of the training course

4 days

  • Monday visiting Autonautic premises 3-4 hours tour at Autonautic company to learn magnetic compass manufacturing and magnetic compass principles.
  • Tuesday to Thursday, every day from 9 to 13, theorical classes in English, combined with practical classes on board our vessel (sailing vessel of 10 metres length) & tugboat, as a real case.

Entry Standards

Trainees wishing to enter this course should have 6 months experience at sea as Nautical Officer or navigation equipment Electronic Service Engineers and Technicians.


AUTONAUTIC PREMISES Agricultura 22 // 08320 El Masnou, Barcelona Spain

Course limitations

The maximum number of participants – 5 persons per one group.


3.000€ per person.

Price includes:

  • Breakfast, lunch and cofee service in Autonautic premises.
  • Instructional materials.

Optional assistance pack

  • Support service for compass adjustment.
  • Support service for the newly trained compass adjuster to carry out proper magnetic compass adjustment for 5 vessels. Includes mobile and online assistance in adjustment process, preparation of deviation card and other operational aspects of magnetic compass.
  • Scope: 5 vessels
  • Price: 500€

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