Compass Repair

Compass Repair Service


Magnetic Compass Repair / Overhaul / Certification services

With routine maintenance, we can ensure that your vessels will have a standard magnetic compass on which they can rely, in any situation. Autonautic provides ships compass surveys, compass adjusting services, replacement and installation on-board your vessel.within the shortest time, no matter where you are.

Autonautic instrumental is the only company worldwide with the compass repair service certified ISO 9001:2000 

RINA certifies our compass repair process with the ISO 9001:2000 quality certification and RINA service supplier for magnetic compass servicing. Over 4.000 Repairs and a profound knowledge of compass manufacturing provides us with the required experience to repair any type of compass with total confidence.

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Brands Serviced

Cassens & Plath

C. Plat

Nunotani Tokimec Tokio Keiki

Osaka Keiki

Bergen Nautik

Observator Lilley & Gillie Ludolph



Unilux Geomar

Krohn & Son

Geomar Madrid

Sirs Navigation


V.E.B. Schiffs

Decca Arkas

Iver C. Weilbach