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With over 35 years at the forefront in the design and manufacture, our trade is to combine accuracy, solidness and best craftsmanship.The extensive portfolio of Autonautic Instrumental includes all type of marine compasses, innovative systems for navigation, precise clocks, barometers and weather instruments well balanced up to the detail.All our marine compasses are in compliance with Directive MED/SOLAS 96/98 EC on Marine equipment and its ammendments, to provide you with a compass that guarantees máximum safety in Navigation.Our worldwide customers certify our success over the last 10 years. Exported orders have increased sharply and nowadays more than 50% of our production is shipped to the 5 continents.

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The Autonautic Story
Since Autonautic was founded in 1974 in Barcelona, customers have been the focus of everything we do. The company rapidly made a name for itself as a manufacturer of high quality marine compasses, clocks and weather instruments in Spain.In 2004 we started to encourage export department, getting a rewarding result. In 2012 we became RINA Service supplier for magnetic compass service, being able to provide you with compass adjusting service too. We have expanded our distribution network to many countries worldwide thanks to the quality of our products and the work done together with our distributors, which is the backbone of our sales work.We have grown with them guided by their requests, improving every year to reach the highest standards.
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Welcome to Autonautic Instrumental S.L. press room. Our innovative spirit drive us to constantly evolve to stay at the forefront of business excellence. Get updated about the latest news related to Autonautic Instrumental, magnetic compasses, CMI compass here.

Each and everyone of our employees represent the spirit of our Company.Here you can meet our team members, working every day to be able to offer the best Service to our customers.
Joaquim Fabregat
Founder of Autonautic Instrumental
Marc Fabregat
CEO of Autonautic Instrumental marc@autonauticinstrumental.com
Josefina Muñoz
Test Bench
Jaume Diaz
David Andreu
Production Local Logistics Manager david@autonauticinstrumental.com
Antonio Andreu
Quality Manager